Plans for the future.

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My sister and I have been talking a lot lately about growing old. We have two grandmother-aunts who remained single and are now dependent on relatives like us for care and support. I told my sister that I don’t want to end up like them. You see, my sister and I don’t have any plans of getting married. We are happy being single and all we want to do is earn money so we can travel a lot for as long as we still can. We are still in our 30’s but we thought it best to prepare for our old age now rather than wait for your knees to start knocking and our joints to start aching.

One plan that we have is to put up a couple of small businesses that we can rely on in the future. A source of income so we can travel a bit and save a lot. One business that we have in mind is an apartment complex. I guess it’s not really a small one but as my sister said, we can start small. Two-door apartment first and when we have more cash to spare, then a couple more doors to add to it. But we need to be wise about that kind of business, I told her. Better do a tenant background check because I don’t want a bad tenant. She agreed, of course. Now, I am checking out an online service from Tenantify wherein they will do the tenant checking on the landlord’s behalf for free! All a landlord has to do is sign up in the service, request information on either employment or income, or both, from the tenant, and then let Tenantify do the work for you. Wait for results and in just one business day, you can decide if you want the tenant or not.

My own world

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I love the fact that I can retreat in my own world thru books and my wild, vivid imagination. There are times when I need to be alone but it is impossible when you are living with a large family. I learned early on to create a world of my own, where everything is manageable and controllable with a blink of an eye.

I just came from my own world. In it, the sun was shining brightly and I am not having problems with my budget ;)

Happy weekend to all!

Bittersweet life

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Elle was a senior who lives with her sister and a friend. It was in a house she and her sister inherited from their parents. They were content living there. But there are days when bitterness would surface from Elle’s mind and would make her a tad miserable about life.

She was supposed to marry someone of a different spiritual belief. During her day, it was unheard of to go against the wishes of your parents. Her father didn’t want her to marry the guy. She broke up with him and stayed single. It was only a few years ago that she found out the man she’s supposed to marry stayed single as well, refusing to marry anybody else but her. It was bittersweet if you ask me. But that’s how fate can play with you.

She didn’t want to open old wounds but a common friend visited her and told her about it. The guy’s sick already. And weak like her. It would be futile to reconcile them. So she remained where she was and continued on with life. She didn’t hear anything about him after that.

She’s approaching the sunset of her life. She’s telling the younger ones in the family to follow their hearts and do not be scared to explore life. She’s right.

Still fresh but cheaper flowers.

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A couple about to get married was offered an option of plastic flowers for the centerpieces in their reception venue. It will be cheaper, they were told. They would have said yes if they didn’t know about Bloominous, a cheaper alternative to floral arrangements because they offer DIY flowers instead.

This is the deal: Bloominous will do everything from design to shopping to preparation, and when they are delivered to you, you will arrange it based on a guide they will provide. A cheaper alternative and you will get fresh flowers out of the deal.


Getting married is quite costly. We are all aware of that unless you plan to do it in Las Vegas with no reception after the ceremony. For those doing it the traditional way, consider DIY with Bloominous and you will get the same fresh flowers and you will have fun DIYing it into centerpieces and bouquets.

Burial and Funeral Plans

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Some people find it maudlin to be talking about their own passing. We will all eventually die so why must be so sensitive on the topic?

You know, years and years before my grandma died, she already had a burial/funeral plan in effect. When my mom suddenly passed away and her plan had gone missing, we used my grandma’s plan and just got another one for her. But then she passed away even before we could pay for it so we used my dad’s plan for her. I got my dad a new plan with cremation and 3-day viewing option.

There is nothing wrong with preparing for one’s own passing. In fact, this is a very considerate move for your love ones. You need not leave them with the burden of taking care of your funeral and burial or cremation. That would be a very nice thing to do for the ones you leave behind.

Cremation, my choice

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Ever since I heard about cremation, I knew this is what I want for me when I pass away. I don’t want my body buried six feet under. No way! I want my family to have my body cremated and my ashes in an urn.

At first, my dad was not too keen on the idea. We are Catholics and in the beginning, the church opposed the idea of incinerating a dead body into ashes. They said that time will come when we would come back from the dead with the Lord and there would be no more bodies for us to come back to. What a silly idea! So then over time, the church probably realized that we all go back to ashes, anyway. Cremation just makes it more faster and less icky! Now, they approve it and my dad’s open to the idea.

In fact, my dad approved of my idea to get him a cremation plan. You see, my grandma died last year. She wanted to be cremated, leaving me with that request that she be cremated should she pass away. So when she did, that’s what we had done on her. It was a less painful process than when you see your love one’s casket being lowered to the ground. After we had her cremated, we went back to the house with her ashes in an urn. We still have to bring her to the vault we bought at a nearby columbary.

We did the same to the remains of my mom and my brother who died years earlier. So now they will all be inurned in the columbary by next month.

I want the same thing for me. Cremation. Sorry, worms, but I don’t ever intend for them to slowly eat my flesh.

Every thing is possible.

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Every little thing is possible. We only have to put our minds and hearts to it. Focus. Don’t give up. But know when to bend over and not go against the tide.

And have faith in Him, and in yourself.

Happy weekend everyone!