Groovy seniors!

I just love looking at the old people milling around the dance floor. They all look like they’re enjoying themselves immensely. My sister and I are smiling at all of them. My sister said that they might be reminiscing their youth while they are mingling around, dancing, swaying to the beat of the oldies music that the portable dj is dishing out.

I call them groovy seniors! They are such a joy to see. My sister and I said to each other that it would be great to grow old like them. I also want to enjoy my old age, if ever. And I want to mill around the dance floor like those oldies.

It’s called tomorrow.


I love the fact that we can always start over our lives should we wish to. That chance we’re looking for? It’s called “tomorrow”. There is always tomorrow to look forward to no matter how shitty today is or no matter how many bad presents we get.

There is always tomorrow.

Happy Monday everyone!


A year older soon…

I am turning a year older in August. It actually both scared and excites me due to a number of reasons. Growing old is something I look forward to, you know. I am not scared of being old and gray. What I am scared of is the status of my finances. I still don’t have a stable savings that I can speak of. I know that I should have started a long time ago but I have obligations I needed to prioritize so there wasn’t really a choice but to set it aside for later.

And now I will be turning 36 in a few months. I should get on with making my old age a comfortable one. I am also scared due to my health. I am not fit, to say the least, and it’s also something I know that I should be doing something about.

What I am excited about growing old is the maturity that comes with it. Not automatic for most people but I can already see the changes in the way I see and look at things. I know it’s maturity because I am learning to be patient more and more.

Growing old… it’s a privilege that many people get to experience. I am hoping I get to have 50 more years to enjoy it!

Not enough time

When you grow old one thing you will notice a lot of is that there is not enough time to do all the things you want done in a day. You always find yourself rushing to get things done. You always get surprised that the time is flying by so fast, that it’s already night time and sleep is beckoning you to succumb to it.

I am just in my 30′s yet I feel that way already. I wonder how’d I feel when I am in my senior years.

I guess I am one of those people who are born middle-aged.


Mom’s day.

It is coming up in a few weeks now. I am talking about Mother’s Day! I already have a couple of my friends who are looking at mother’s ring designs and some other stuff that they can give to their moms on that special day.

My siblings and I no longer have our mom with us but we have a number of second moms who helped shape us into who we are today. We have our favorite aunt and she’s the one we always greet ever since our mom passed away. I do believe we will be getting her something special for Mom’s Day.

I hope you are getting one for your mom, too!

What you’re good at.

Henry is honest enough to admit to everyone and to himself that he isn’t blessed in other aspects of his life except in his music. He’s always wanted to just play music, mix sounds and play for the crowd. So he got his funds and bought himself a musical instrument set. He then advertised himself and asked his friends to let him dj for them for free on their parties. Word of mouth and PR on his part made him sort of a household name among his crowd and that of his friends. Soon enough he’s receiving one invite after another to play for them! Most of the time he has to decline because his gigs would overlap.

What he learned in his life is that you should work hard on whatever you’re good at and everything will fall into place soon.

Awesome people!

An intimate party with only the awesome people she knows will attend the dinner party she is arranging as a thanksgiving for all the blessings she’s gotten since the start of the year. Her choice is a Mexican party. She loves Mexican food and she wants to acquaint her guests who are not familiar with it to the finer points of the cuisine.

She is busy getting mexican party decorations online. She needs to be ready by Thursday morning because her intimate party will be held next Friday night. She is debating whether to hire a professional chef to cook for her or just let her mom and aunts do the cooking. She might go for the latter because she wants to have authentic Mexican home-made dishes. Her mom used to work in a Mexican restaurant and she is one good cook!

The intimate party will be her way of thanking the awesome people in her life who never left her when she was down and who continued to support her and believe in her throughout her journey to success. And now that she is successful in her choice of profession, it is time for her to give back to her friends and love ones.