Awesome people!

An intimate party with only the awesome people she knows will attend the dinner party she is arranging as a thanksgiving for all the blessings she’s gotten since the start of the year. Her choice is a Mexican party. She loves Mexican food and she wants to acquaint her guests who are not familiar with it to the finer points of the cuisine.

She is busy getting mexican party decorations online. She needs to be ready by Thursday morning because her intimate party will be held next Friday night. She is debating whether to hire a professional chef to cook for her or just let her mom and aunts do the cooking. She might go for the latter because she wants to have authentic Mexican home-made dishes. Her mom used to work in a Mexican restaurant and she is one good cook!

The intimate party will be her way of thanking the awesome people in her life who never left her when she was down and who continued to support her and believe in her throughout her journey to success. And now that she is successful in her choice of profession, it is time for her to give back to her friends and love ones.

Not enough time

When you grow old one thing you will notice a lot of is that there is not enough time to do all the things you want done in a day. You always find yourself rushing to get things done. You always get surprised that the time is flying by so fast, that it’s already night time and sleep is beckoning you to succumb to it.

I am just in my 30′s yet I feel that way already. I wonder how’d I feel when I am in my senior years.

I guess I am one of those people who are born middle-aged.


Great suggestion.

The use of a a fire resistant printed tablecloth was a great suggestion from the old men in the facility. Gareth visited the old men, two are his uncles, and he told them his dilemma in the office. He wanted to prove his worth and not be told that he only got the job because he is the owner’s son.

So they gave him their ideas and he jotted it all down. The old men were so happy to be asked about their opinions on some work issues and Gareth was happy to be able to talk to men who are not part of his work.

It was an afternoon of men talk and it was fun for all of them!

Still very talented!

Mr. Garrett used to play for a professional band. It was not a very popular one but their band would do the rounds of bars and hotel lounges so they were known in the circle. When a reunion of sorts took place in an old bar that was revived for the new crowd, Mr. Garrett was invited to play one of the excellent saxophones as well as electric guitars, and he was still the mean machine when it comes to electric guitars! The talent is still there.

He is now being invited to teach in the same bar on Saturday afternoons. One hour session every Saturday afternoon for those who want to learn from the best.

Mr. Garrett said yes and sessions will start this coming weekend.

Volatile weather.

I realized how volatile the weather can be. One day it’s cold, the next day it’s hot. But for the past few months, it’s mostly cold. I decided to get that we can use for when it’s really cold. I easily get sick so it’s much better if I find a way to prevent cough and colds and flu from taking over me.

I don’t like being sidelined because of sickness. I don’t like feeling all down and miserable because of flu. That’s why I really find ways to prevent getting sick.

Good thing that there’s a silver lining in all this sickness… music lessons in Midlothian!

Love all around.

Sandra is obviously hooked on the guy playing the guitar, and the fender fb58 banjo. He is the guy at the back of the stage but she had eyes only for him. That was the first time she encountered the guitar-playing guy. She then made sure to attend all the gigs of the band.

They met after five gigs. He noticed her hovering in the background. He thought she was there for their lead vocals he was surprised to know that she was there for him. They hooked up and dated since then.

They are close to becoming a steady couple. He is obviously just as hooked on her!

Patty the Pug.

I feel the need to get a dog bark collar for Patty. She is one very noisy Pug! She would bark non-stop when she sees someone enter our gate. She would also bark non-stop if someone in the family would come home. It is her way of welcoming anybody who enters the house, yes, but sometimes it can be too much noise especially when her barking would coincide with siesta time.

Of course, I am not saying that Patty the Pug is not welcome at home anymore. She is, in fact, a very well-loved pet of ours. I just don’t want neighbors complaining about her so I am seriously considering getting one of those anti-bark collars.